Zodiac Jewellery

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Zodiac Jewellery

Zodiac jewellery welcomes cosmic affinities like no other.  We love exploring birthstones as a way of unveiling personality traits combined with crystal powers and energies.  Connect with your own zodiac jewellery or discover thoughtful gifts for your most loved.

Browse our gallery of zodiac jewellery for a more connected understanding of crystals, an extension of you and the world.


January 20 - February 18  

Amethyst | Rippled with Bloodstone + Onyx

Wildflowers dancing and electric rolling storms, Aquarians softly enter a room and command its presence without batting an eyelash.  Powerfully connected to the air sign, the Aquarian uses their mind at all times to experience, grasp and accomplish more. Lavender Amethysts help to balance the Aquarians mood with positive energies and return the wandering mind to earth.  Often mistaken for having eruptive personalities, you’ll find the Aquarius-born with a rich passion for equality, freedom and hearts warmer than Spring.

Aquarius Zodiac Gemstone Jewellery

The inner mystique of Aquarians yearn for alleviation of evil and jealousy, with healing energies of Bloodstone inviting welcomed powers.  Yet too, Onyx sits well with the Aquarius - to protect and keep one in tune with their positive traits of self-belief and givingness.

Likes: Rich Conversations

Dislikes: Broken Dreams


February 19 - March 20

Aquamarine | Manifesting Jade + Rock Crystals

A pen, a movement and a word transform into magical creativity and a head swimming with thoughts at all times.  Quietly intuitive and embracing an unwavering connection with music, the Pisces attracts a wide group of friends and shines with forgiveness.  Honouring their birthstone, Aquamarine, Pisces are protected with its lucky energies - originally the prized possession of mermaids, used to protect sailors.

Silver pendant zodiac necklace

Pisces Zodiac Jewellery

Not to be mistaken for weak or submissive, Pisceans are of the most tolerant zodiac signs, but also the most generous.  Jade provides those born Pisces with inner joy and life abundance. Serenity of mind and beauty. While Rock Crystals store energies for the Piscarian, ready for new creative moments to blanket thoughts in time.

Likes:  Sunday Afternoon Cocktails

Dislikes:  Haunting Pasts


March 21 - April 19

Diamond | Channeling Opal + Quartz

Marching strong.  Fierce belief. With speed and competition.  Shiny armor gleams in sunlight, resting gently in broken shadows.  Aries notoriously find themselves blazing in and out of warm conversations as embers sizzle underfoot - ready to spark at any given moment.  The heart is often lead astray and the head wins every time.


Aries Zodiac Jewellery


Diamonds help to conduct sympathetic energies, allowing the Aries to balance clarity and increase inner strength.  Since Aries are quick, organised and productive (even when staring directly at fun), the Opal keeps their mystical side true to their fiery nature.  While Quartz cools tempers, resonates with passion and clears fog from vitality.

Likes: Logical Films

Dislikes: Waiting in Queues


April 20 - May 20

Emerald  | Welcoming Sapphire + Chrysoprase

Grounded visions based on love and beauty swirl with Taureans forever more.  Tender touches are welcomed and sweet friendships make Taureans the happiest of all.

Silver zodiac necklace

Taurus Zodiac Jewellery

Modern Taureans are warmed by Emerald stones, to enrich wisdom, memory and reason.  Known as Cleopatra’s stone for it’s protection from dishonest lovers, those born Taurus find protection in Emerald.  Still too, the Sapphire unveils inner peace and spiritual awakenings, enhancing happiness and certainty. While gleaming Chrysoprase steadies emotions and welcomes universal love.

Likes: Surprise Bouquets

Dislikes: Cancelled Plans


May 21 - June 21

Moonstone | Shining Opal

Bright light suns and cool moonbeams.  The Gemini holds two combatting sides - unpredictably unmasked.  Open-minded artists, writers and dancers. Inspiring others and retreating teeter an unconventional balance of caring and self-love.

Gemini silver zodiac necklace

Gemini Rose Gold Zodaic Jewellery

Like the Gemini, Moonstone is ever changing, open to new experiences and connections.  Although not boastful of their adaptability, the Gemini also associates with Opals - pure white snow splashed with flashes of dark ruddy wine, overcome with radiance.

Likes:  Nearly Everyone

Dislikes:  Thorns on Roses


June 22 - July 22

Ruby | Housing Carnelian

Old oak treasure chests, Cancerians have locks opened only by the chosen.  Seeking happiness from hometime, water elements spill emotions and are ruled by the moon.  Darting from chaos, the Cancerian seeks harmony and sweet bliss from loved ones and imagination.

Cancer Gold Zodiac Jewellery

Silver cancer zodiac necklaceFor courage and success, Cancerian’s birthstone, the Ruby, brings heightened awareness, concentration and mystical connectedness.  Used to deepen relationships and steady the mind, Rubies protect the body from physical and psychic attack. Carnelian helps to inspire creativity and motivation while bringing good luck as the talisman for success.

Likes: Waterfall Chasing

Dislikes: Sharing Aspirations


July 23 - Aug 22

Peridot | Prowling with Diamonds + Jade

Roaring, irresistible leaders rort with warm-hearted prowess.  The Leo is followed by a sea of giggles, an army of loyal comrades and a bright open sky.  Hunting for self-awareness, and representing accomplishment through physical achievements, Leos attach easily and create strong connections effortlessly.

Leo Rose Gold Zodiac Jewellery

Resonating with their birthstone, the Peridot, Leos connect with their grounded roots through this magnificent stone found in meteorites.  Breathing vitality comes easily. And Peridot assures the Leo of their welcomed certainty. Precious Diamonds are the master healers for Leos - connecting the mind and body while releasing emotional energies. So too, Jade brings Leos luck and prosperity all year long.

Likes: Exotic Holidays

Dislikes: Forgetting Their Crown


August 23 - September 22

Sapphire | Saluting Lapis Lazuli + Moonstone

Carefully methodical and believers in certainty, Virgos experience the world in a way they feel is their first time on planet.  Dreams swell with walls built. Because maybe, just maybe - the Virgo will need more than a wispy cloud to become reality. Mercury rules the Virgo’s mind - the answer to most creative triumphs.

Virgo Zodiac Jewellery

Pure devotion emits from the Virgo’s birthstone - Sapphire.  Transforming the wearer to higher realms, Sapphires are particularly favoured by the Virgo who seeks more than hope to succeed.  Truth, understanding and good judgement are enhanced with Lapis Lazuli, while Moonstone plays on the mystical side - healing and balancing.

Likes: Angel Kisses

Dislikes: Chipped Crystal Glasses


September 23 - October 22

Tourmaline | Balancing Jasper + Aquamarine

Sparks ignite!  But only perfectly so - in symmetry and rhythm.  The Libran is peaceful, fair and fascinated by balance.  Lucky are those with a Libran lover and equally so cursed.  Since shiny, new things are the true way to a Libra's heart.

Zodiac rose gold necklace



Libra Zodiac Jewellery

A Libra’s birthstone, Tourmaline reminds each that it’s okay to come back to earth, recharge and then take flight once more.  Stress and confusion are relieved by Tourmaline’s cleansing energies, welcomed by those born Libra. Jasper heals the emotions of Librans, reminding them of acceptance, responsibility and patience.  While Aquamarine encourages an orderly flow of intellect, emotions and physicality.

Likes:  Friday Afternoon Hikes

Dislikes: Uncalled For Horn Toots


October 23 - November 22

Citrine | Castled with Yellow Topaz + Diamonds

A heart beats from a chest, two whispers in an ear - the sounds of quiet optimism.  Scorpios express exactly what’s on their mind, yet still are safe secret keepers. They lead with decisiveness and are transformative like honouring planet, Pluto.  Often suspicious, yet mysterious themselves, they’re brave and liked by a myriad of personalities.

Scorpio Zodiac Jewellery Gold

Gold Zodiac Pendent NecklaceThe golden Citrine brings peace, prosperity, and loyalty to those born Scorpio and welcomes strength.  Vibrations of Yellow Topaz offer good fortune and Diamonds stabilise the heart for a deeper inner peace.

Likes: Grand Passions

Dislikes: Passive Arguments


November 23 - December 22

Turquoise | Brushed by Blue Topaz + Black Onyx

Reaching out into forests with intrigue to feel more, a Sagittarian longs to experience the richness of life.  Curiosity and energy play key roles in the life of a Sagittarian, forever searching for self-expression and tolerability.  Motivated and witty, philosophical views take full force when wandering with intent and beautiful humbleness.

Sagittarius Silver Zodiac Jewellery

Gold zodiac necklaceYou’ll find Sagittarians gravitating towards Turquoise for it’s wisdom in both earth and sky.  Uncovering an infinity in the ocean, Turquoise speaks to the depth of the soul, plus limitless heights of ascension.  Blue Topaz helps Sagittarius born to speak more clearly from the mind and Black Onyx protects from rejection of thought.

Likes: Streets With No Names

Dislikes: Detailed Party Invitations


December 22 - January 19

Garnet | Calmed by Rose Quartz + Emerald

Tick tock.  Tick tock. The Capricorn counts, and times and notices.  Not for any other reason than to know. Responsible by nature and by outward glares, a Capricorn can most be seen playing by the rules - governed by a powerful independence.  Learning to forgive offers clarity - a fine dance of self-belief and affirmation.

Capricorn Zodiac Jewellery

Blushed Garnet reassures the Capricorn that all will be okay and calms worries.  With the clarity brought by Rose Quartz, self-love is actualised more easily while Emerald confirms the Capricorn’s intellect and welcomes love.  

Likes:  Even Steps on Staircases

Dislikes: All Nighters



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