Wild Heart Woman Rituals for a New Moon

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A new moon is upon us (June 13) and as wild heart women we are always open to ways to let go of things no longer serving us and embrace new challenges, chapters and opportunities. 

We spoke to founder and creator of handcrafted and organic skincare range Alyssum Alchemy, Alison, about ways to embrace the new moon and what this cycle of the moon really means.

WHJ: What is the significance of a new moon?

AA: The New Moon is when the moon is at the beginning of its cycle once more after having waxed (grown from new, bloomed into fullness on the full moon, and waned back to the dark moon when there is no moon visible).  Energetically and symbolically the new moon represents new beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start, and if you harness this energy to plant seeds in your life (such as beginning new projects, setting goals, making new moon wishes, beginning a course or committing to something new) then as the moon grows it bring with it momentum for your own personal goals or whatever you intentionally began on the new moon to be supported and also build momentum.  I often use the new moon to regroup and reset, whether it’s making a personal committing to doing more yoga or booking in some catch ups with friends for the month, the creation of a new product, a promise to myself to make more time for self-care rituals or whatever it is that is important or relevant to me at the time.  For a long time, I used a new moon to remind myself of what it was I wanted to manifest in my life.  

Alyssum Alchemy

WHJ: What are three rituals we can do at home to support ourselves during a new moon?

AA: To get the most benefit from any new moon ritual it is a great idea to physically clear out your home or work space and give it a good 'smudge' or purify it using an aromatherapy mist or smoke such as palo santo or frankincense resin incense.  It really helps to have a clean slate to work off for any kind of intentional ritual.   If you have clutter everywhere and unfinished things lingering in the corner of your eye while you try to set goals for the new cycle, it will have an impact on you psychologically and energetically too.  

So once things are feeling nice and 'clear' and fresh here are three nice ways to welcome the new moon and its manifesting potential into your life: 

  1. Sit down and choose 3 goals to work towards for the next month.  Choose things that are measurable and actionable that can be completed within the month.  If they can't be achieved fully in the month, for example if your goal is to start a year-long course or begin your own business or something long term, break it up into the first step of that goal, such as enrolling in the course or registering your business name or applying for an ABN.  
  2. Choose a positive affirmation for the month and commit to it being your theme for the month.  Pick a phrase or a few words which represent what it is you are wanting to reinforce in your life.   I personally find it very powerful to create a daily ritual using scent when stating me affirmation.  For example, once I've chosen my affirmation or 'word' for the month, every morning or evening (or both depending on what it is I'm working on) I'll state it out loud while anointing my solar plexus with a beautiful aromatherapy oil blend.  Something about combining a gorgeous smell and a beautiful ritual alongside stating an affirmation makes it a really supporting and empowering experience.  Write it out on pretty paper too and have it somewhere you will see it every day, perhaps on your dressing table or on the fridge to remind you every day.
  3. Update your ritual space or alter keeping in mind what your affirmations and goals are.  Buy some fresh flowers and fill your home with vases of greenery and colour and include a small vase in your sacred space or on your alter (can just be a shelf on your book case or a corner of your dressing table).  Choose a new crystal to represent what you are working towards this month and place it somewhere in your sacred space or alter (for example if you are working on releasing negativity you might use smoky quartz, if wanting to bring more compassion or self-love into your life you might select rose quartz and if working on abundance issues then Citrine is a nice choice).  You also might find a pretty image which reminds you of what it is you are working towards, and it can be nice to include this on your alter, in your sacred space too.  It might be an oracle or tarot card you drew on the new moon, or perhaps a favourite postcard of a place you'd love to visit, or just something that lights up your heart and help to keep you feeling positive and uplifted. 

WHJ: What does this June new moon represent and what should we be mindful of? 

AA: The upcoming new moon is in the Air sign of Gemini which is a great sign to work in if starting new ventures as Gemini is ruled by Mercury who loves details ensuring things go smoothly, Gemini will also help with seeking new employment and in any new endeavour which would benefit from wit, eloquence or research.  This is also a good time to seek support with mental health issues.  

It is also the first new moon of Winter for us in the Southern Hemisphere so it’s also a good time to set goals relating to a new season.  For me that will be things like ensuring my cupboard is stocked with essential winter remedies such as high-quality vitamin C, a fresh batch of homemade spice infused apple cider vinegar and big jar of Manuka honey in the pantry, plenty of garlic, chilli, turmeric and ginger in the fridge, stocks of homemade bone broth to freeze and use when colds and flu emerge in our home and a commitment to go to bed earlier, do less and allow more time for rest.  Winter is such a wonderful time to go inwards and retreat a bit from the outside world, resting and restoring our energy levels so we can cultivate fabulous new ideas and creative endeavours for the Springtime.  

WHJ: Outside of a new moon, how can we ground ourselves in our busy day-to-day?

AA: If we can find a few moments of mindfulness every day to stop and breathe, just 5 minutes a day is all it takes, then all the tasks and the overwhelm tends to be more manageable. A bit of mindfulness and 'me-time' also helps us to assess if we really are honouring our bodies and ourselves with everything that we do, and when we make time for ourselves to connect inwards we are more likely to be receptive to our intuition which will support us in making better life choices which in turn will help us to feel happier and more fulfilled   Whether it be a 10 minute meditation practise, a quick series of yoga stretches, a bath, a cup of tea in our favourite mug, or our nightly skincare routine, these simple daily practises can become intentional and truly sacred rituals if we take the time to mindful and consciously make them restorative and enjoyable.  Life is so precious and limited, we should try to make as many magical moments as we can! 

Photo by Gianni Zanato on Unsplash 

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