Wild Heart Woman: Natasha Bonniface

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In a new series on the Wild Heart Jewellery blog, we interview women who inspire and live according to their own rules. Today, we talk with Natasha Bonniface a Kiwi living in Sydney, NSW. 



What are your morning rituals? 
I wake up, have a shower and then have a coffee from my much loved Nespresso machine, my favourite part of the day!

What is your star sign and what trait of it do you most identify with? 
Sagittarius! I feel like I identify with it all, even the negative traits. If I had to pick one, probably optimistic but I am definitely a Sagittarius through and through haha. 

Coffee or green juice? 
Coffee always! 

Eggs benny or avocado on toast? 
You might think I’m crazy but I don’t eat eggs or avocado.. I’m fussy. This is why I never go out for brunch! 

Hike in nature or beach swim? 
Beach swim for sure, nothing beats the water hitting your skin on a scorching hot day. 

Who would you say is your style icon?
@howtwolive on Instagram have always been my style icons, I’ve followed them since Instagram became a thing and their style is just so much fun. 

Describe your style? 
I would say it’s very colourful, fun and ever changing. 

What are the most special pieces of jewellery you have?
I have a necklace from my nana that has a moon, sun and star and on the moon it says “love you to the moon and back”. 

Favourite Wild Heart piece? 
I absolutely love the Sagittarius necklace (of course!) and the Luna ring

Favourite holiday destination and why?
Back home to New Zealand to visit my family and friends for sure. Nothing beats being reunited with loved ones. 

What do you do to bring balance to your days and weeks?
Spend time with myself, whether that be something as simple as going for a walk by myself or just putting my headphones in on my lunch break and listening to a good podcast.

What does a ‘typical’ weekend look like for you?
I work every second weekend in retail, my weekends that I have off I spend checking out new cafes & restaurants, dancing with my best friend & having lazy days with my boy. 

Who do you think we should interview next? We'd love to hear your suggestions! 

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