Travel Guide: Bali In Polaroids

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Travelling to Bali, sourcing and producing our unique silver pieces and immersing ourselves in the beautiful Balinese culture hardly feels like work sometimes! 

On our most recent trip, we explored Seminyak, Nusa Lembongan and Canggu for two breathtaking weeks.  No matter how many times we experience Bali's pristine coastlines, it still takes us a moment or two to get it together afterwards.

This year's Bali getaway was the perfect mix of business and pleasure.  This was the first time travelling to Bali with my boyfriend and little brother, so we couldn't wait to show them all of our favourite secret spots. 

Each day was spent exploring, soaking in the sunshine and swimming in the ocean.  And then, come night time, we would gather around and watch the sunset in awe, chattering as dusk fell and sipping on margaritas.   

Our favourite place to travel to in Bali?  It's so hard to choose...  Although we love Seminyak's hustle bustle and that it's the perfect place for us to setup work, we have a real soft spot for Lembongan, Cenigan and Canggu too.

Lembongan and Cenigan are just full of island life, scooters are the perfect form of transport and a day doesn't go by where we don't have a coconut in hand.  It's such a mesmerising place where you can't help but lose track of time and completely unwind, while also exploring and experiencing so much serenity. 

Canggu is the perfect little beachside oasis.  It has everything you could ever possibly want!  From amazing restaurants to the perfect surf breaks and if you are lucky enough to stay in a villa, you will feel totally secluded in your own little hideaway.

When we land, we feel like we are arriving home and it gets harder and harder to leave every time.  Here's a polaroid snapshot of what we got up to on our most recent trip.

 One of our all time favourite things to do in Bali is to wake up super early, jump on our scooters and ride through town before hundreds of locals began zooming around.  On this morning we watched on as fishing boats headed out to sea, people set up their road side stands and deliveries of fresh produce arrived at small shops.  We saw the town wake up and come alive before our eyes. 

Bali's sacred cows are treated to only the best.  These calm and gentle beauties live on a hill overlooking one of the most idyllic views of Bingin beach. 


Chance snap of hidden pretties at the entry way to a secret garden.  Beauty can be found in some of the most unsuspecting places... 


Sipping margaritas between swims and hanging out low tide.  There are so many unique beach bars right across Bali, each with their own little quirk and charm.


Moody sunsets over Canggu make our hearts swell with happiness.  There's something pretty magical about watching the sun set over the sea & Canggu may just be our favourite place in the world to see day turn to night.  ​ 


On down days, we escaped on ocean adventures, gliding across crystal waters and coral reefs to hang out with with manta rays.

So many heart eyes for these sweet little Bali pups, not owned by one person but taken care of by the entire community.



Watching the peacefulness of harvest time from our verandah.  Everything is manual, there's no machinery and just one lady harvests the whole crop.  

Our daily mode of transport.  Island hopping to find the perfect breaks with my lover.

Typical view of Lembongan's aqua bays and blue, blue skies.


Sadly, we see less and less of Canggu's luscious rice paddies each year that we travel to Bali.  Often they're replaced with monstrous buildings to cater for the growing tourism industry.  While we think it's fab that Bali's tourism is in the rise, we do hope that some rice paddies will remain for the local communities! 

The colour of the ocean around Lembongan and Cenigan are exactly how you would imagine paradise in your dreams.  Crystal clear waves lap at rock faced cliffs hugging the shore, showered in local fauna.   


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