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It's no secret that we love to stack!  By combining different rings, gems and shapes, stacker rings make it easier than ever to create new and interesting looks to compliment any outfit and change up your style.  While we could mix and match from dawn 'til dusk, these are some of our favourite combos.  Feel free to have a scroll through our entire selection of stacker rings too.

Moonstone, Baby!

We absolutely lerrrve the powerfully mystical Moonstone.  We get all swept up in the way that our Moonstone stackers cascade rainbows when they’re hit with the light, just so.   

Mystic Mix

Our go-to look is rocking our alluring Moonstone Mystic Ring and then adding petite styles to really let it take the limelight!  Mixing interesting Julips, minimalist Crossing Paths and our popular Free Ride Set all topped off with our delicate midi Spirited Ring will get you this one of a kind look!  






Cosmic Clusters

If you're on the hunt for more of an everyday vibe, stacking our cosmic To The Moon Ring with an adjusted Spirited Ring, glimmering Crossing Paths and Free Ride Stackers will give you a more effortless style.  The Crossing Paths ring is so versatile and we love that it fits in with so many different looks!






 Turn It Up With Turquoise 

Turquoise is our soul stone and we layer this baby up as much as possible.  Turquoise is a perfect earthy stone, rich with flickering hues reminiscent of the ocean.  Compliment any outfit and add some hand candy to your look with a Turquoise or two.  Each Turquoise stone is so unique and although they look perfect on their own, a lot of the time we can't help ourselves, and we just wear them all!

Flower In The Sun

Our Flower In The Sun Statement Ring is a beautifully refreshing accessory to wear all year long (although we do love that it's springtime!)  Pair it with the classic Julip, Spirited and Free Ride combo to achieve a seaside feel.  Why not add in yet another reminder of the ocean while you're at it with our sweet Pacific Midi Ring




Gypsy Eyes

Turquoise is as coastal as it is bohemian and we are all about contrasting shapes and textures.  This intricate mix of softness and clean lines give you a look that is sure to turn heads!  Pair our Gypsy Eyesstatement ring with a stack of our Free Rides and Turquoise teardrop Pretty Thing Midi for a look that sings bohemia.



The Be Bold Stack

On days when we're feeling like being more badass, we stack bolder, thicker band rings and layer up with our Free Ride Stackers.  This is a look that is not for the faint hearted and is perfect to wear on a stormy night, or, you know, just anytime you don't want to be messed with!

The Onyx

The Hunted Onyx Ring with it's carved crossing arrows and ebony stone is not one to be messed with!  Stack your Free Rides high and add a touch of glam with a centre Julip.  The Julip Ring is one of our most popular stackers and is a beautiful way to break up your Free Rides.  Onyx promotes self confidence and responsibility - wear if you dare.




Statement Strutting

Statement stacks are some of our favourite combos to wear when we're getting dressed up and they really add a deeply bejewelled feel to any look.  These eye catching stacks feature bigger rings with beautifully unique stones - perfect for creating a night time vibe.


Channel your inner mysterious galaxy lover with this eclectic stacker combination.  The celtic inspired Moongazer with it's hugging moons is perfectly paired with our signature Wave Riders, the delicate Crossing Paths Moonstone Ring and finished with the Spirited midi for an intriguing mix of beautiful gems.  You can also layer your Free Rides with the Moongazer Ring to have it sit higher atop a throne of silver stackers.




Crossing Paths

Amethysts are a beautiful way to add a touch of mystique to your look with their striking violet hues.  Add this Amethyst Crossing Paths to your stack of Wave Riders, squeeze in a Julip and pair with the petite Spirited Midi for a dazzling style.  With Flower In The Sun as your centrepiece, walk on the wild side with powerful Amethyst and through galaxies with Moonstone.




As you can tell, we love to stack!  There are so many unique looks you can create with our stackers and these are just a few - so try out some for yourself and stack away!  

Some of our other rings you can stack are the Sol, Luna, Element, Nightlight and the Fame Ring with it's hanging teardrop Turquoise gem.  Or you can just check out all of our stackers here.




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