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The final pitter patters fall from the sky.  Dry earth, now warm and drinking. Fields of lavender sprigs and wildflowers sway, to natural melodies floating through a welcomed breeze.  As birds flit home, the air is familiar, and warm, and hazed, and glowing. Yet too wet petals fall gracefully to the ground, with eyes of emerald shining on them - fingertips reach for fresh beauty after a 2pm sunshower.

Elegant gold jewellery

Following a lifetime spent basking in the sun-kissed afternoon glow of Australia’s wild flora, Lolita takes flight.  Like wildcrafted blooms swept up in a trance of eucalyptus leaves, quiet dawn and auburn dust… all moving with earthy creations and seeking new homes.  
sterling silver pendant necklace
Inspired by wildflowers, our designs have manifested from the rich love and connection we have with growing in nature.  Like the unfurling of new blossoms, like cocoon to aqua wings - like the metamorphosis from girl to woman. Lolita is a soulful exploration of our shared affinities with the natural world.
sterling silver jewellery
Wear one of a kind Lolita pieces on spontaneous Sunday drives, while sipping cool iced tea on the forest floor and when out exploring new landscapes.  Lolita mixes earthy textures, dainty petal-inspired shapes, rare gems and fine chains to unlock femininity and grace.  
fine chain gold necklace
Fine gold jewellery
Fine sterling silver jewellery
Fine gold jewellery with white topaz
gold pendant necklace
sunlit fine gold jewellery

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Creative Directors: Samara & Julie Baunach

Photographer: Kersha Hall

Videographer: Jack Brittliff

Model: Jordan Todd

HMU: Holly Bell

Apparel: Hazel & Folk and Opia 

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