Into The Mystic

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Mesmerising vintage golds shimmer glints of Indian nostalgia.  Weaving gypsy songs with family heirlooms, Into The Mystic is inspired by rich histories across lands.  

The vibrant colours of Hindi culture delicately intertwine with embellished jewels, like palaces dripping in gold.  A fusion of past travels and familial ties, Into The Mystic blends tradition with worldly ethereal luxury. 

Rare gems glisten under a flushed, burnt orange sky as musicians trumpet in the distance.  All is lively, until a flurry of wild flowers sweeps through the breeze and brings streets to a stand still.  

Wild Heart Jewellery’s latest collection mixes exotic pieces with classic, fine staples and a versatility to make you shine on any occasion.  Feminine styles glow with a sultry mystique, carrying heart and soul inside of them.  Each piece promotes compelling individuality and graceful intuition by mixing treasured jewels with silver, rose gold and the latest release of indulgent gold.  

Each gemstone has been handpicked and ethically sourced - embraced for it’s rustic cut and style.  Mixing these new pieces with Wild Heart Jewellery’s staples, stones and crystals have been heavily inspired by Indian craftsmanship and designed to be worn time and time again.

Having always loved trying on Julie’s mother’s and Samara’s grandmother's vintage pieces from her jewellery collection, Into The Mystic explores the power of timeless jewels met with creative Indian arts, jewellery and architecture.

The design process began when Julie and Samara took their hand drawn designs on a journey to Indonesia to meet with their incredible team.  The ladies worked closely with their silver smith and were lucky enough to watch these new pieces come to life.  Every tiny aspect of the jewellery has been designed by Julie and Samara.  The charms, pendants, findings, rings and chains… Then these are all put together in their studio back home.

Into The Mystic explores the sweet intricacies of vintage jewels like never before - Hand crafted and designed especially for you.

Journey into the feminine with our new collection - Into The Mystic.




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