How to personalise your jewellery

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Personalised jewellery is so special, because the pieces you wear start to tell a story. We love the idea that you can look down at the rings on your hands and remember why each piece is important to you or keep a special necklace close to your heart. Personalising your jewellery is as easy as selecting treasures that have a special meaning to you, or to help you remember a significant event, moment or person.

Personalised jewellery with gold signet ring - Wild Heart Jewellery

We wanted to share a few of the ways we, and our Wild Hearted Women, personalise their jewellery:

  1. Wear the star sign of your lover, family or children, so you are always reminded of them. Our Zodiac collection is perfect for this!
  2. Wear crystals that speaks to you. We adore using crystals in our collections because the wearer can choose a piece that really resonates with them. We recommend closing your eyes and calming your mind, then choosing a piece that you’re naturally drawn to, when looking for a crystal piece. Often, when you then read about the metaphysical properties of that crystal, you’ll be surprised at how closely what that crystal offers matches what you need in your life! Some of our favourite gemstones and crystals are turquoise, sapphire, and Amazonite.
  3. Engrave their initials. Pieces featuring initials or dates are our favourite – especially when they are hidden within the band of a ring or on the back of a pendant, only revealed when the wearer shares the story behind them. We particularly love signet rings for engraving secret notes.
  4. Use jewellery to commemorate a significant event. We love pieces that customers can tell us a story about, it might be their wedding ring, a piece their best friend gave them when they turned 18 or a hand-me-down from their grandmother. Jewellery can be a constant reminder of these beautiful times in our life, and it’s something we often think of when designing our collections. For example, our Havana collection was inspired by family road trips and days spent by the sea.
  5. Choose a piece that acts as a talisman. Wear a piece of jewellery that features a sign or symbol that means something to you. A tiny crescent moon may remind you that life has phases, a pair of feather studs might emphasise how important it is to you to tread lightly on the earth. If it means something to you, wear it as a constant reminder!

How do you personalise your jewellery? Do you have any special pieces that you never take off?

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