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Wild Heart Jewellery’s creative processes are admittedly unconventional.  So when we're unexpectedly overcome by inspiration for new pieces, we scribble these design ideas in notebooks, jot them on napkins, record them in our phones... And then our sketches are drawn up time and time again until they are just right! 

Everything is brought together in our tranquil light-filled studio, surrounded by our worldly trinkets and crystals.  Embracing this warm glow, our latest collection embodies femininity with the debut of rose gold mixing with our statement sterling silver.   

We've always felt strong connections with the stones we use, and their powerful energies.  Here we share five of our faves with you, let you in on why we love them and visualise where we've drawn our inspiration from for each piece.

- Evelyn choker -

"We love the dainty, delicate design of this choker and how it sits high on the neckline perfectly in line with the throat chakra."

Evelyn 3
Evelyn 2
Evelyn 1

Lavender Amethyst has always been a favourite of ours.  It stimulates and then calms the throat and heart chakra with it's high vibrations. These crystals bring light and love into the environment.

- Haven Studs -  

Haven 3
Evelyn 2
haven 1

Our petite Rainbow Moonstone studs are perfect for everyday wear.  We love layering them with different styles and shapes. 

The Rainbow Moonstone embodies a deep-seated feminine energy with it's mystical energy.

- Mati Bracelet in Silver -

Mati 1
Mati 2
mati 3

This delicate chain design is perfect to wear solo or can be layered up with any of your other favourite pieces.  We love this bracelet in silver and also can't get enough of the 18 carat rose gold version too.

Symbolising protection and guidance, the 'all seeing eye,' as some call it, has been a prominent emblem over the years, represented in many different forms.

- Peaks Hoops - 

Peaks 1
Peaks 2
peaks 3

The Peaks are definitely a staple in the new collection and a pair that we haven't been able to take out of our ears!  They're sleek and simple yet also a chic statement piece with their eye catching large hoop design and sweet hanging chains. 

- Rhiannon Choker -

Rihannon 1
Rihannon 2
Rihannon 3

A delicate feminine piece worn high on the neckline, some Native Indian cultures believe Turquoise is a piece of the sky that has fallen to the earth.

Turquoise has always resonated strongly with us and this piece is Samara's favourite!  We source our Turquoise stones from one of our favourite places in the world - Nevada.   

- Sierra Hoops -

Sierra 1
Sierra 2
Sierra 3

This statement set is made with 18 carat rose gold and we love the way the light bounces off of them in the sunshine!  

The Moroccan-inspired coin details embellishing these hoops add an element of individuality to our latest rose gold earrings.  

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