Finding Your Perfect Crystal

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Seeking pure love, looking for strength or wanting a sense of balance in your everyday? There’s most definitely a crystal for that!

We’ve featured crystals in our jewellery collections from the very start because their energetic properties can have beautifully positive effects on the wearer.

From tranquil blue Larimar to inspiring red Rhodolite to calming hazel Quartz to strength-giving Turquoise, we find that what you are intuitively drawn to is often the right crystal for you.

Here’s our guide to the crystals we incorporate in our jewels and their deeper meanings:

Soothing Larimar

The blue hues of Larimar is the embodiment of the tranquil sea and sky energies. It’s a soft, soothing and calming stone that bring in peace. Earrings are a nice spot for Larimar because it is right near the temples to soothe and calm any thoughts. Our Divine Earrings call in that energy and are a nice piece to wear around babies, children and to bring into lovely, peaceful environments. 

Grounding Smokey Quartz

The hazel tones of the Smokey Quartz are such an unusual colour and provide quite a different energetic vibe from many other crystals. Quartz is known for grounding energy and bringing balance. It’s the perfect crystal to wear out in nature or in situations where you want to stay calm and relaxed. Our You Send Me Studs featuring Smokey Quartz really say it all – take them travelling and feel relaxed no matter what the situation! 

Transformative Black Onyx

The Onyx stone is known to separate and can help release negative energies. It’s a fierce stone that can help transform any situation by giving the wearer energetic power. Our Ezra Bracelet with a black onyx stone and spike charm brings the fierce. Have it in your corner for important meetings, major exams or other important life moments. 

Protective Turquoise

The blue-green Turquoise with strands of gold throughout is known for its protective qualities and was given as a symbol of strength to warriors going off to war.  Our My World Ring features a large hand selected Turquoise from the Arizona Desert that exudes a calm, confident strength.  

Inspiring Rhodolite

The rose red Rhodolite is a powerful energizer and known for inspiring creativity. Our Goddess Necklace has three Rhodalite stones close to the heart to help manifest creative projects and call in the divine feminine. Perfect to wear in the studio, sketching, dreaming, but also inspire positive energetic connections while socialising! 

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