DIY Ideas For Your Jewellery Bag

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Here at Wild Heart Jewellery, we love making use of every single material we use, including our jewellery bags! Huge believers in leaving nothing but footprints on this beautiful earth, all of our jewellery is delivered in reusable jewellery bags.  But apart from being a safe place to put your Wild Heart jewels, these cute little satchels can be used for a whole lot of other things too.  Here are just a few ways we like to use our jewellery bags for pure good!


​1. Lavender Pouch

Filling your jewellery bag with dried sprigs of lavender is a wonderful way to promote a calmness within your bedroom.  Assisting with sleep, lavender is a powerful scent that is perfect for bringing you back to earth when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.  Simply place your lavender pouch in your intimates drawer or under your pillow and invite a deeply relaxing aroma to float through your room.  

What you need:

Fresh or Dried Lavender + Your Wild Heart Jewellery Bag

How to:

Step 1.  Dry your hand picked lavender.  This can easily be done by popping a few springs on a window sill or hanging them upside down in a sunny spot.

Step 2.  Gently strip the leaves and flowers from the lavender stem and pop this in your jewellery bag, trying not to crush them too much.

Step 3.  Once your lavender has been placed in the bag, lightly roll between your palms to release a more intense fragrance.

Step 4.  Add this to your nighttime ritual and enjoy a more restful sleep each evening. 

2. Everyday Body Scrub

We love the gentle texture of cotton on our skin and are always looking for natural ways to get a healthy glow!  Your jewellery bag can easily be used as part of your skincare regime by simply filling it with your favourite natural soap bar.  Buff away dead skin cells and reveal softer, fresher skin.  We suggest looking for a soap without microbeads.  This simple choice means that you’ll be helping to preserve water systems and marine life, and we’re all about that eco-lovin’!     

What you need:

Soap Bar + Your Wild Heart Jewellery Bag

How to:

Simply add your favourite natural soap bar to your jewellery bag, emmerce in water and start scrubbing!


3. Air Freshener

We are all about aromatherapy and if you didn’t already know, we stock a range of incredible essential oils and other goodies in our Health and Wellbeing hub too.  Not only do essential oils act as a natural air freshener, they also have some pretty cool powers (you can learn more about these here) that can assist with your mood and general wellbeing.  

What you need:

Rice, Essential Oil + Your Wild Heart Jewellery Bag 

How to:

Step 1.  Mix 1/4 cup of rice with 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil.

Step 2.  Add your scented rice into a jewellery bag.

Step 3.  Hang your new air freshener in your car or wardrobe.


4. Travel Organiser

These bags are perfect to store your jewellery in whether you’re at home or travelling.  Stopping your delicate pieces from tangling or getting scratched, this will come in handy many times when you’re on the move.  It’s also an easy way to stop your jewels from getting tarnished when sitting with other non sterling silver, gold or rose gold jewellery.  

What you need:

A Holiday Destination, Your Jewels + Your Wild Heart Jewellery Bag

How to:

Step 1.  Book an exotic trip to a tropical destination.

Step 2.  Pack your jewels inside your jewellery bag.

Step 3.  Sip cocktails under swaying palms.

Step 4.  Repeat.


Some other ideas:

Your Wild Heart Jewellery Bag is so versatile and this is just the beginning of what you can do with it!  Some other ideas are, putting your favourite scented wax cube inside and hanging in your wardrobe to create a fragrant euphoria.  Or, instead of discarding coffee, dry it and place this in your Wild Heart Jewellery bag (this is a great way to remove odours from your refrigerator!).  And lastly, run yourself a warm bath, light a scented candle and pop some dried herbs, flowers, bath salts and essential oils into your Wild Heart Jewellery Bag for an invigorating herbal tea bath.

Do you use your jewellery bag in other ways?  Let us know about your favourite DIY ideas!

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