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Kersha Hall’s wildside is evident in all of her work.  Not only does Kersha strive to stand out in the crowd with photographic excellence, she also aims to capture the perfect vibe her client has been searching for.  Specialising in studio and product work, we were lucky enough to have Kersha shoot our latest campaign for Velvet Underground and absolutely loved her energy!  Find out more about Kersha’s photography background and hopes for the future here. 


What made you decide to begin a career in photography?

I studied Photography in school and found an interest in this area early on. It wasn't until my parents bought me my first SLR camera that I really started to explore photography. My friends and I would have themed shoots, in the early days.  We would style the photo shoots and I would direct.  This lead to my interest in learning more about the technical side of photography and lead to my decision of making photography my career.  



What types of projects have you been a part of with Wild Heart Jewellery? 

I was asked to shoot their current campaign Velvet Underground which was both a privilege and a pleasure! 

What are your main goals when embarking on a new photo shoot? 

When working with clients, my main goals are to nail the brief, feel and inspiration that they are hoping to achieve from the photo shoot.  For my personal work, I aim to create something that is as wild and original as possible.



Who have been some of your favourite businesses to work with? 

Of course Wild Heart Jewellery!  But anyone who is willing to give me a go really.  I love working with a wide variety of businesses, designers and individuals who are looking to capture the rawness of their brands and campaigns. 


How would you describe the style of your work? 

My style is continuously changing and depends on my current influences and definitely my mood!  At the moment I’m really into exploring colour, colour and more colour!  But then I also know that something will come over me later and I’ll want to shoot everything in simple, black and white.   


Where do you see Kersha Photography progressing to in the future? 

Anywhere and everywhere!  I want to offer something new and professional – something that is unique and powerful.  Anyone can be a photographer but it helps to know the ins and outs of what photography is and how you can create something incredible.  To have the confidence within yourself and get creative or wild, that’s where a business’s point of difference will be seen and that’s what Kersha Photography aims to achieve.

For all enquiries, flick Kersha an email here, give her a buzz on 0434 276 205 and check out her instagram while you’re at it!  Here are a few of our faves from Kersha's shoot for our Velvet Underground Campaign.

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