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Like any fashion label, art direction has played a huge part in the Wild Heart Jewellery journey.  

But what is it and how have we used art direction to bring our collections to life?

For our latest collection, Lolita, art direction was like a magic key… Unlocking our ideas and sharing them with the world, one sprig of lavender at a time.

What Is Art Direction?

We see art direction as the magic that pieces together beautiful, meaningful and rich imagery to perfectly communicate a concept.  It’s everything that’s poured into creating a real-life campaign. From the first flicker of a sparked idea, to the finished product.  

Behind The Scenes With Wild Heart Jewellery

For us, art direction hasn’t come easy.  In the beginning, it was a little intimidating telling people what to do!  But after our first ever ‘shoot (we had to dig into the vault to remember that one), we found our groove.

Since then, directing ‘shoots has been such a fun part of the process for us.  Our photoshoots are very relaxed and it’s pretty exciting seeing everything come to life.

What’s So Important About Art Direction?

Without direction, distraction is never far away.  And it’s so easy to lose sight of what we’re creating without a clear path ahead of us. Preplanned art direction is especially important when we’re chasing light or on a time limit.  

Jordy Todd on Set with Wild Heart Jewellery

We always have a plan of creation before heading out into the wilderness, zooming down the backstreets of Bali or tiptoeing through overgrown gardens.  

Our Art Direction Process

We dream up photoshoot ideas differently each time.  Sometimes our vision for the photoshoot comes after we design a collection. Other times, it’s before and out of the blue. For Lolita, the location inspired everything.

Mapping Out Our Plan

Once the idea for a photoshoot or collection dances into our minds, we get to work.  We start by researching and piecing together a mood board. One big collage bursting with inspo.  Beautiful imagery from magazines, Instagram, Pinterest… Scooping up ideas, notes and pictures. Sometimes pieces from our own collections make their way in, too.  

Then, we sift through and create an ‘organised’ Pinterest board.  We segment this into sections like:

  • Location
  • Model inspiration
  • Hair and makeup ideas
  • Style guides
  • ...Generally anything that resonates with our vision.

Choosing Our Team

We’re lucky to be surrounded by so many creative beauties.  Our friends and family just happen to be absolute darlings. So, when it comes time to choose our team, we don’t have to look far.  Their unique personalities and creative skills shine brightest.

On Set With Kersha For Lolita

Our Photographer and Hair + Makeup extraordinaires, Kersha and Holly have been a part of our team for a while.  We can’t imagine working with anyone else! They’re both incredibly talented and beautiful souls.

Kersha with Wild Heart Jewellery Jordy, our model for Lolita, was spotted on a friend’s Instagram account.  We knew she’d be the perfect muse for this collection.  Her style and aesthetic was more than we could’ve ever dreamed up!

We welcomed one of Samara’s closest friends, Shani, and a family friend, Jack onto the set for Lolita, too.  Jack was our videographer and Shani captured behind the scenes footage.

Communicating Our Vision

We find that sharing our final moodboard with our team is the perfect way to get everyone on the same page.  It encapsulates what we’re wanting the overall feel, look and vibe of a ‘shoot to be. Plus, it helps them understand each part of the ‘shoot’s concept.

Styling A Shoot… Our Biggest DON’T!

Over-styling just isn’t something we do.   Especially for jewellery brands, overstyling a ‘shoot can make it lose focus.  We don’t need any extra bits… the model, a gorgeous location and our jewels are the stars, every time.

Samara Styling Jordy Art Direction Photoshoot

Tips For Fab Art Direction

Time and flexibility play huge roles in our processes.  Art direction isn’t just the fun stuff you see - it’s not just the end result.

A lot (and we mean, A LOT), of background work and preparation goes into making a collection come to life.  Organisation… But also being able to adjust when things don’t go exactly how you expect. This is so important for the end result of any new creative venture.

Check out the story of Lolita or shop the collection.


Photo Credit: Shani Todd 

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